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Moussa Sow :: Hustle to Succeed

Moussa Sow :: Hustle to Succeed

"Personally, when I see the ball hit the net, it's something incredible, something magnificent.

Afterwards, I know there are the fans, and your teammates are coming, and they are happy for you, but personally, when the ball enters the back of the net, it's a pleasure I sometimes have no desire to share. I just keep it inside me. How it happened is not important, I don't care about the way it went in. Just to see the ball hitting the back of the net, that's all that matters to me.

From the place I was born, Mantes-la-Jolie, one had to hustle to succeed.

We were living in - how can I say it? - in a low class suburb. And one knows very well what kind of things are going on in these places, where there are many problems, where young people have a tough life. My father was a blue collar worker at a car rental, my mother was a janitor. I do not forget...I do not forget...and this leaves some deep marks on us.

At the beginning, no, it was just fun...to play outside with my friends. To dream to become a soccer player happened when I stepped into an elite academy. It was truly hard for me in the beginning. Frankly, the first six months were not easy. You learn technical elements, you learn tactics, while before in the neighborhood club, you don't learn these things at all. You learn something, but it's not strict. While in an elite academy, it's really strict. There they give you a lot of things to progress. You must be focused every single day. You can make some mistakes...but not all the time. So there was a fear of performing poorly...I also had that fear. But, with time, it got better. And here I am.

You know, Demba told me about a book he read, and in the book it said: in fact, you need to just believe. You have to be confident and convinced, that you will score. He told me, 'when you enter the field...put it in your head that you will score three goals.' I had never put that in my head really. I used to tell myself, 'Maybe today I'm going to score one or two goals. Maybe.' But this specific time I was sure. Today you ARE scoring three goals. And that very day, I promise you... I scored three times.

I think the people around you are very important. There's many people in the soccer world who didn't succeed or go far, because of their unhealthy life choices, because a lot of things. Seriously.

I am so happy to be an owner of this club, and I know I'll be behind it. Not just financially, but to get really involved. For the love and passion of football. We want to do something huge, to awaken the minds. We're not here to just say we did something, but to help young people who come into this project. That is the most important thing. We want the supporters to be able to say, 'every weekend we see good football and good players'. Because it's a team that plays forward, it's a team that wants to score goals. It's not a team that simply wants to play defense and not attack, or to keep a score."

- Moussa Sow, Co-owner of 1904 FC


1904 FC :: 'My Team' is here

1904 FC :: 'My Team' is here