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Dear 1904 FC friends,

Welcome to 1904 Journal. Together we are #BeyondTheNumbers. This is us. Our stories. Our moments.

Our 1904 FC.

We are in the making with you, the co-founders. Let's make history!

- 1904 FC

1904 FC :: 'My Team' is here

1904 FC :: 'My Team' is here

1904 FC is your team. The team belongs to San Diego County.

East to West. North to South. This is OUR club!

1904 FC is more than just football. 1904 FC is about our community, our passions, our soccer culture, and our ways of life.

All the roads that define us: 

our origin, our lifestyle, our behavior, which are beyond the numbers

Our inaugural season is on the horizon and with that comes the launch of ‘My Team'. To kick things off, we want to give you, our supporters, the ability to show your love, belief, and unquestionable devotion.

Official club merchandise is finally here!

When you rep your 1904 FC gear, you're showing pride in the place we call home, and helping to put San Diego County on the world football map.

By wearing 1904 FC on your sleeve, on your back, and on your hearts, you are taking part in a raw and powerful soccer cultivation, something truly being built from the ground up.


It's international. It's local. It's San Diego. It's 'My Team'.

Own it. Represent it. 

Click here to get your 1904 FC gear today!

Moussa Sow :: Hustle to Succeed

Moussa Sow :: Hustle to Succeed

Thibaut :: 1904 Makes Sense

Thibaut :: 1904 Makes Sense