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Alex :: The First of Many

Alex :: The First of Many

First press conference, first hangout, first chance, first hope…

October 25th was my first day as General Manager and Head of Football Operations for 1904 FC. A day that started with a press conference and then a memorable hangout. I wasn’t really nervous, rather impressed and humbled by the amount of support we received. It was on this day that I was able to share my passion and and a bit of my world that brought me here. With my team surrounding me, I consider this my first victory off the pitch. Of course, if my English was as good as my French, I would have talked for hours and hours with stars in my eyes.


As Vagno showed in my video, I started with nothing and I am so happy that Demba, Eden, Moussa and Yohan gave me the chance, but most importantly their confidence, to build and develop 1904 FC. It’s an opportunity that not many get in their life. I have a clear understanding of what we want to provide and give back to the football fans and to our community. Football, to most, is just a game, a way of life. But if you look deeper into this game, you’d realize it’s about values, emotions, human beings. It’s more than a game…its the reflection of your mind and the mind of our soceity.


Eventually, I would like to share that with all of you, our supporters, and others because it’s the vision and goal of 1904 FC.

In our club, we are all dreamers: Bob, Demba, Eden, Moussa, Yohan, Vagno, Ricardo….and our whole staff. Dreaming is the first act of your life. October 25th, was our first hope to achieving our dream together. I saw hundreds of fans at the hangout, all waiting and hoping that we share the same hopes and dreams of bringing a professional football team to San Diego County. We do. That’s exactly the response we needed. We all need the right vibes and energy to succeed together.


Our club is not just a team of players and coaches. 1904 FC is a team of humans: fans, players, coaches, staff, owners, partners… every human which shares our five core values: Passion, Synergy, Sharing, Pride and Competition.

We’re here.



1904 FC :: Did you hear what's coming?

1904 FC :: Did you hear what's coming?

Krissty :: It's a Lifestyle

Krissty :: It's a Lifestyle