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Dear 1904 FC friends,

Welcome to 1904 Journal. Together we are #BeyondTheNumbers. This is us. Our stories. Our moments.

Our 1904 FC.

We are in the making with you, the co-founders. Let's make history!

- 1904 FC

Thibaut :: 1904 Makes Sense

Thibaut :: 1904 Makes Sense

People make sense of numbers, in their own ways, and whichever your way may be…it will help unlock the power of 1904!


Thirty is the number of years I’ve been alive, 25 is the number of years I have been a soccer fan, 12 is the number of years I have shared my life with the person I love, 08/01/2016 is the day my life changed with the birth of my son... all of these numbers wouldn’t matter to me without the people behind them. Today, after 320 days of being a part of this amazing adventure, 1904 means working hard every day towards my passion and with the people I believe in. 

It’s been 25 years, that’s how long I have been passionate about soccer. I’ve been playing soccer since I was a little boy: at school, with friends, with family, any occasion is a great one to play soccer. Like most, I could watch my favorite teams and players for hours. And so, I have always dreamt to one day be a part of a “soccer family.”


My second passion is numbers, I am fascinated by numbers; understanding where they come from, what they mean and give them full sense. I have been in finance for 10 years and I always knew I wanted to work very closely with numbers, which is why I decided to study finance. Now, being the Head of Finance for 1904 FC, allows me to live out both of my passions.

I look at numbers all day long with my financial skills and also with my heart; budget, expenses, resources ...I adjust them, I challenge them, I defend them and I fight for them. All these numbers are not just numbers to me, they have been chosen and deeply thought. It’s only when you know who put them together and why, that they take their full meaning.

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Most of the time the numbers never add up properly...and it’s only because we all believe so much in “1904 FC” that we find ways to make them work!

So hopefully, you can understand who we are and what we want to do for San Diego, the community, the soccer family…then “1904” will make sense to you.



1904 FC :: 'My Team' is here

1904 FC :: 'My Team' is here

1904 FC :: Did you hear what's coming?

1904 FC :: Did you hear what's coming?