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- 1904 FC

Tyler :: What does #BeyondTheNumbers mean to me?

Tyler :: What does #BeyondTheNumbers mean to me?

I really do love numbers. Numbers measure, categorize, and organize. They are systematic and help determine patterns. In a sense, numbers define us. Take me for example…

I’ve lived in three completely different places: San Diego, California (32.7157° N, 117.1611° W), Missoula, Montana (46.8787° N, 113.9966° W) and Brooklyn, New York (40.6782° N, 73.9442° W). That’s 3,655 miles across the United States. Across those miles, I have grown to be twenty-four years old. I started playing competitive soccer when I was seven. That makes eighteen years of playing the beloved ninety-minute game. Throughout every minute of every game I’ve worn five jerseys. On the back – seven, nine, seventeen, and twenty-seven.

Numbers are a part of us. We all have numbers. Sometimes we choose our numbers and sometimes we don’t. But, no matter how many numbers we wear – on our jersey, on our map, on our ages – our story lies beyond the numbers.  



Numerically, with the nineteenth letter of the alphabet being “S” and the fourth letter being “D” this number means SD. But beyond the numbers, it means so much more.

For me, San Diego is my home. Salty air and sun-kissed skin are ingredients that made me. And now, 1904 is my heart. I can close my eyes and get chills when I think of it. It’s the thud of a cleat against a ball. It’s a slow clap echoing in a stadium. It’s pushing limits while breathing hard. It’s a sea of jerseys – moving as freely as music under bright lights. It’s my heartbeat. It’s my team, it’s my city, and it’s my game. But it was never meant for just me – it was meant for us. Our team, our city, and our game.

1904 – I love the number, but it’s more than that.


- Tyler

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