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Dear 1904 FC friends,

Welcome to 1904 Journal. Together we are #BeyondTheNumbers. This is us. Our stories. Our moments.

Our 1904 FC.

We are in the making with you, the co-founders. Let's make history!

- 1904 FC

Vagno :: How to create a football club?

Vagno :: How to create a football club?

Dear 1904 FC friends,

How to create a brand new football club? Truth is :: there are no books or formulas left to explain how.

When I first came to San Diego 12 months ago with Demba and Alex, I imagined this brand name and logo’s launch in Bob’s office with a few 'imaginations' on paper, with some passions and dreams. From that moment we stepped forward, we were met by many nonbelievers.

We were warned: “Except for Bob, you are all foreigners. The project is too big for you guys. There's already too many local group investors and competitors 'bigger' than you.”

“Who are you,” said the haters. “I respect the hustle, but you are just a group of footballers.”


Every time...every day, there's a group of people with negative vibes that try to stop you. That’s just noise. All the while, we have kept our heads down (or up) and our blinders on, taking care of our vision and trusting our plan – and believing in our people.

In June of 2017, we got approved by the league and we officially announced our club. Last week, we launched our name and logo and threw our very first 1904 FC Hangout Community Event No.1.

As a club, we are most proud today of our start. But most importantly, we have the mission to make San Diego County supporters and friends proud of the club and its team. We are building from the ground up. With five months (left) to launch an organization and have a football team on the field by March 2018, learning and growing as a (very small) front office team and cultivating a new generation of the 1904 FC soldiers (shoutout to Ricardo, Thibaut, Katy and to the new like-minded individuals who recently joined the team Madji, Johan, Sean, Tyler, and Krissty), we realize that March 2018 (kickoff) is not the END of the project, but just the BEGINNING of the project. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, or PSG weren't built in a day. It needs time. Decades. We won't be perfect at the start of the season, but everything can be improved. More important than growing as a brand and a club, is growing as people.


The questions we get asked the most: How will you fulfil the stadium? How will you build the community? How will you compete against MLS coming into town? What is going on with the NASL? Where will you play? Who will be the players? That’s the questions we get asked most. This is a project of brief highs and drawn-out lows. It takes GRIT. And Eden, Yohan, Moussa, Demba, Bob, Alex, and I are the most stubborn people you’ll meet (ask our staff). It takes WINNING MINDS and CRAZINESS. Gotta admit. When you’re trapped, you need to envision yourself out of the hole. It takes an eternal PASSION, coupled with steadfast PATIENCE. Most of all, you need a solid foundation, a CORE. And, that’s where we spend most of our time. Implementing and planting the basics we think are right. The foundations we believe are crucial for our existence. 


And, that’s where you come in. We are thankful that you have joined us for this, somewhere along our debut, and in 1904 FC history in the making (and in progress). Whether you’ve been with 1904 FC since June or followed our Instagram this morning, you give us purpose and power to continue. Thank you for believing. Thank you 1904 FC Team and Community. Thank you 1904 FC Believers. You are the 1904 FC Co-Founders and Originals. Thank you @YALLA, @NorthPark, @Boys and Girls Club of Oceanside, @Fútbol Factory, @USD, @Coasterra, @WriterzBlock, @Carlsbad Street Smart Soccer, @San Diego Creative Space for an amazing launch week.

1904 FC is impossible*

- Vagno  @vagnopassion


[Urban Dictionnary // Impossible* :: Some of the greatest achievements are made by people too stupid to know they are impossible. Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the work they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. They laguhed at me and told me it was impossible to achieve my goals. They soon found out IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.]





Tyler :: What does #BeyondTheNumbers mean to me?

Tyler :: What does #BeyondTheNumbers mean to me?

Vagno :: Comment créer un club de football?

Vagno :: Comment créer un club de football?