Dear 1904 FC friends,

1904 FC Journal is an online destination devoted to the meaning of football and culture; We are not interested in the news and facts of football, but intrigued by its 'real' world meaning. 

1904 FC Journal has an emphasis :: 

"For if you love football, you are a player."

 Our commitment lies in this truth and is deeply rooted in the human element of this game.

The love of this game is both intensely personal, but also communal. San Diego, thoughtfully chosen, is unlike any other city in the States. It is truly a melting pot with thriving diversity. People come here to vacation, to work, to live. People stay to live out their story. It is the city of dreams.

Beyond all football norms, we want to fully immerse ourselves in the culture, subcultures and the magic of community that make up football. We too, come from very different places and since, have played all over the world. But for many of us, our love for the game began in the very same place — the streets.

Calling on like-minded contributors, staff members, club owners, and footballers from everywhere, 1904 FC Journal is about people. Through very personal entries, photographs, illustrations, original films and animations, 1904 FC Journal is #BeyondTheNumbers.